Frequently asked questions

Whats the shipping costs for my location

Shipping costs within Australia, For all small items that weigh up to 500grams under standard post is $9.40 and for express post $12.40 For all medium size items that weigh from 500g to 1kg under standard post is $12.80 and for express post $16.20 For all large size items that weigh from 1kg to 3kg under standard post is $15.85 and for express post $19.85 For all extra large items that weigh 3kg to 5kg under standard post $19 and for express post $26 Shipping to customers outside of Australia, For all purchases that weigh up to 20kg for standard shipping $22 for express post $37 for for econmy sea $47.20 for courier $91

Does Kinky Playground take custom orders?

Yes! Kinky Playground takes custom orders on Selective Products ONLY. These products will be listed under "Custom." In this category of items you can choose from Pacis, center pieces, decorations, paci box, rattles, clothing/onesie's & much more. Privous designs will be shown on our instagram page @kinky_playground if you're looking for inspiration or to recreate a past desgin.

What is the best way to contact Kinky Playground?

If you ever have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to send us an email at If you wish to contact us on one of our other social profiles: Facebook: Kinky Playground Instagram: kinky_playground Twitter: @playgroundKinky

Where's my order?

It's on it's way! As stated on your order status page, as well as in the shipping policies, orders can take anywhere from 2 to 12 Business Days to arrive within Australia. For orders outside of Australia you're looking at anywhere from 7 to 30 days and in some extreme cases it could take longer. This also varies on what you have ordered and if you have asked for standard or express shipping, no matter which option you choose you will be provided with a tracking number. Some orders arrive very quickly (often when the item(s) are over $30), while others may need some more time! (cheaper orders) Nevertheless, they will always arrive, guaranteed! Out of thousands of orders shipped around the globe, we've never had a single order not be delivered successfully, so rest assured that you have *nothing* to worry about! Just sit back, relax, and let it come.

Only part of my order has arrived, WHERE'S THE REST!

It's on it's way! As stated on your order status page, as well as in the shipping policies, most orders will arrive in multiple packages if ordering more than one item. We do this to offer you the cheapest prices on shipping on every order, even if it's only a dollar! The rest of your order will arrive in due time, within the delivery time-frames!

Where do you guys ship from?

We ship directly from our store in Australia by the founder and CEO of this business, the owner of Kinky Playground looks over every purchase and pays special attention to the presentation on how items are packed and ready for delivery.

Whats your refund/return policy?

Since we ship directly from our store directly we doaccept returns at the customers costand refunds are of upmost importance if the item is damaged or not up to standard. We currently are unable to offer refunds for simple matters of you choosing a wrong size or changing your mind. However, if your item arrives damaged, missing, or you receive the wrong item, we will immediately reship you the correct item. If your item is damaged you'll be sent a one time use of a 10% discount on your next order to apologise for the inconvenience. IF for some reason the item suddenly became out of stock, we will instead offer you a refund OR a different item of same value and your choosing to replace it. We are also not responsible for lost or stolen mail. If you think your postal system is unreliable, please purchase at your own discretion. We have never had a single item go undelivered.

What are your sizes like? do they fit small/big?

Every single item is different. On each item we offer you an exact and unique sizing chart so you can measure to ensure 100% satisfaction! In general, we suggest purchasing 1-2 sizes up to be safe, but again, every item is a little different and it's best to consult the sizing charts for the best results.

Can I cancel my order?

You can only cancel your order within the first hour after ordering, and that's only assuming it hasn't already been shipped. We begin processing orders VERY quickly here at Kinky Playground. Once we place the order, we cannot go back. If it's been longer than 1 hour since you ordered, it's very unlikely that we can cancel it. So please, don't purchase frivolously! Shop sober. ;)

How will the payment charge show up?

If you purchase directly with any credit card, it will be completely discreet and only read out as "Playground", without the word "Kinky" anywhere in the charge name. Have no fear! However, if you purchase through Paypal, the charge on your transaction list on the Paypal interface will show up as "Kinky Playground".

What methods of paypments do you accept?

We currently accept PayPal and Credit/Debit Card payments. Hopefully in the near future we will introducare afterpay and zip pay.

Where do you ship to?

We ship products worldwide.

What size onesie is right for me?

A size chat is including in all descriptions for all our wearable designs and with some items a size chart will be included in the picture gallery of selected items. For all my fellow littles out there. A size chart is included in the picture gallery of all our onesies. Kinky Playground onesies go by four measurements – Chest, Waist, Hips, and Torso Length. Taking all these measurements significantly increase your fitting rates. The “length” (torso length) measurement is the most important to ensure a proper fit, and you can determine yours by measuring from bottom of your neck to your crotch. Please do this process with a diaper on if you intend to wear your onesie with a diaper. If you have an extremely curvy body, you also want to make sure your chest, waist, hips measurements don’t exceed our onesie dimensions by 3 inches. If you still couldn’t pick a size after taking measurements, please send us an email with your measurements to email We are more than happy to assist you in selecting the best fitting size.

What currency is displayed?

All prices are displayed in AUD Dollars.

How do I track my order?

A few days after your order, you shall expect a shipping confirmation email from us. The email contains shipping information and tracking instructions. Carefully read the email and follow the instructions to track your order. If you didn’t receive any shipping confirmation email, please double check your email spam box. Please make sure is on your email white list for future communication.

My Tracking Shows "Processed Through Facility, Origin Post is Preparing Shipment," & It Has Been Days Since Last Update, What Does That Mean?

That means your package has left our store in Australia and is in transit to the destination country. Once arrive to the destination country, the tracking record will start updating again.You will have a couple days to get ready for the package.